“After taking The Social Biz System, I was able to leave my 9-5 to focus on my social media management business!”

Dear Social Media Manager, 

Imagine if you …

βœ“ Had a roster full of dream clients that pay your rates and don’t micromanage you 

βœ“ Knew exactly what social media services to offer while on a discovery call with a potential client

βœ“ Priced yourself so you can hit your big income goals—whether it’s $1000 or $10,000 a month

βœ“ Never felt stuck again asking, “What do I charge?” or “How do I package my services?”

But instead right now you're...

-Hitting a ceiling that you can’t seem to bust through in your current social media management business

-Just starting in your career and wondering, “Where do I even start?” 

-Seriously on the brink of burnout—you’re at the point where you just might give up and go back to a 9-5 

-Sick of clients treating you like an employee, texting you at 10am on a Saturday, and offering “ideas” while totally disregarding your advice

-Desperately wanting to raise your prices, but wonder how you’re going to get clients when so-and-so is charging half of what you want to


"After going through The Social Biz System, I'm consistently bringing in 10 times more revenue!"

Believe me—I’ve been there. Let me tell you a story… 

I remember doing social media management before it was “cool.” 

A near-decade ago, I was charging $50 a month to manage Facebook accounts. 

When I hit my first $2,000—I felt simultaneously rich and overwhelmed.

How come?

Well, I was making money to help support my family with a “flexible” lifestyle.  

But the truth is—my business didn’t provide as much flexibility as I thought…

I let people tell me what they wanted to pay me (ahem, that's why I was managing 20 accounts for just 1,000 bucks and working non-stop).

...I attracted micro-manager clients that blew up my phone on the weekends, and asked me questions like:


“Why are you posting at this time?” 

“Why did you write the caption like this instead of that?” 

“Why did you use this hashtag and not this one?” 


& you know what...I didn’t have the confidence to set up boundaries and not get pushed around. 

I let my lowest-paying clients rule my life because I wanted to be “nice” and “do a good job.”

It all came to a head when my husband looked me in my eyes and said… 

“I need you to be present for our family. You can’t keep doing this if you’re glued to your phone.” 

& I couldn’t say he was wrong. 

I realized that if I wanted to do what I love, have a flexible lifestyle, and be there for my family...something needed to change. 

And oh boy, did I make some changes—and I’m here to help you do the same!

The Social Biz system helped me take my services, business, and clients to the next level.

“I am over a year into owning my own (SMM) business and the tools Shannon provided were exactly what I needed to take my services, business, and clients to the next level. Regardless of your experience as a SMM, Shannon provides amazing insight daily (throughout the course) that anyone can learn and benefit from. Shannon’s daily check-ins, constant support, and endless knowledge were incredibly valuable. My ONLY suggestion would be that I would have paid even more for the course and all of the assets received!!!

Mackenzie, Social Media Manager

Does this sound like you? πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  • You’re just starting in your social media management career and have no idea where to start. You’re overwhelmed by the nightmare client reports you see inside public groups and want to avoid that at all costs, but don’t know how…

  • You're currently looking for clients, but feel like nobody respects your expertise or prices. You’re at the point where you just might give up and try something else.

  • You have clients that are treating you like a “catch-all” and you feel like you’re doing a role you were NOT hired to do. You’ve heard other service providers get paid more for the same things you’re doing now, and a pivot sounds like just what you need…

  • You're a booked out social media manager that feels capped on income & time, and you want to figure out how to shed your less-than-ideal clients and attract dream customers without losing all your income.

> What if you could successfully navigate the world of social media management (& profitably) because you have proven systems in place that free up your time? (and never feel guilty again for vegging and watching The Bachelor).

> What if you could learn how to trust yourself as a social media strategist, as a business owner, as a CEO...and feel like you have a “real business” where you call the shots?

What if you could begin outsourcing, delegating, and building a team? 

If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook Groups looking for answers like -

“What kind of services should I offer as a social media manager?” 

“How should I price myself as a social media manager?” 

“How do I grow in my career as a social media manager?”

The all-in-one self-paced course, community & personalized support for social media managers to grow and scale their online business to consistent $5k+ months (in just four weeks!)


Then, you’re in the right place. 

> Forget constantly being glued to your phone, working all hours of the day, and watching Netflix with one eye on your DMs.

Forget juggling your relaxation time (like taking an uninterrupted shower) while mentally checking off your laundry list of to-dos. 

> Forget drowning in client work without the revenue to match.

This is NOT what you signed up for.  

There are 2 ways you can approach the #SocialMediaManagerSaga πŸ‘‡πŸΌ 

You can walk away from this, watch YouTube to piece together strategy and go back to digging through those social media manager groups for answers on how to run your business.


You can create a business you’re proud of, have the flexibility

you’ve desired, and step into the role of

CEO because you’re running the show.


Introducing the only curriculum you’ll ever need (plus a built-in community)  to grow and scale your social media management business…

Walk away from these next four weeks with...




βœ“ The clarity, direction & tangible tools you need to build a thriving SMM business that offers both the freedom & flexibility you crave

βœ“ Shannon’s proven step system to simplify and scale your brand while getting even better results for your clients
(Aka so you can charge more while working less)

βœ“ Lifetime access to the exclusive SMM community & unlimited personalized support inside

βœ“ Insider access to Shannon’s personal referral network so you can begin signing new clients.

Basically, I’ve been there, done that. And now, I’m handing you the whole she-bang—everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to grow the profitable SMM business you want while skipping past all the trial and error it took me to get there.

I was blown away by the course content, the tools, and the overall community. By the end of the course, you feel more confident in every aspect of your business—from time management, platforms, client experience, pricing, and more!

“Not only was the course incredibly valuable, but Shannon goes above & beyond to make sure you feel supported, encouraged & confident as you implement what you learn. I was blown away by the course content, the tools she provides, and the overall community. By the end of the course, you feel more confident in every aspect of your business, from time management, platforms, client experience, pricing, etc. There was no wasted time or fluff. You immediately dive into actionable, to the point, value packed segments that made the course feel doable, engaging & not overwhelming. I would recommend this AMAZING course to anyone who is looking to grow and/or work smarter, not harder. Wherever you are in your business, WORK WITH SHANNON!”

Kendra, Social Media Manager

Listen, in this course I don't just tell you how to run an Instagram account… 

I hand you a complete framework for a successful social media management business.

One that allows you to work only 4 hours a day and take random afternoons off “just because.”

A business that also brings in enough consistent revenue to let you have the kind of life you want (i.e., working from wherever, having the ability to pick your kids up from school, splurging on vacations, and having regular margaritas, chips, guac AND queso from the cool new bar down the street).

One that leaves you excited to jump out of bed in the morning—where you get to make an impact on your clients’ lives while making a great living to support your family. 

One that is profitable, sustainable and future-proofed for the long term—global pandemic or not. 

What other students have to say about growing their business in just 4 weeks with the Social Biz System…


The Social Biz System

$997.00 USD
The Social Biz System

2 payments of $508 (charged a month apart)

What’s waiting for you inside the Social Biz System…

Here’s what you get when you join…

βœ”οΈ 4 Weekly Video Trainings

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to jumpstart your income within your existing SMM business, these weekly training suites (with new content released every other day) will guide you through everything you need to know and give you actionable tasks to begin immediately implementing.

From establishing your prices, finding new clients, uncovering tricks of the trade to get the best results for existing clients, and so much more, there’s no gatekeeping here! I’m giving you everything I WISH I had way back when.

(Trainings are available in both video & written formats)

βœ”οΈ The Profitable SMM Resource Vault

From worksheets, templates, swipe files, and more, the resource vault was designed to keep you on track while making it as easy as possible to reach your goals (goodbye burnout and overwhelm!). And I’m not kidding when I say I’m giving you All. The. Templates. 

From my entire onboarding process to captions to email templates to content calendars, and so much more—what’s mine becomes yours the minute you sign up!

βœ”οΈ Exclusive Monthly Q&As

Gain direct access to my brain and get my eyes on YOUR unique business each month during live Q&As inside the exclusive s a Social Biz System student, you get lifetime access to these lives, which means I’ll always be here to personally answer your questions and offer unlimited tailored feedback as you grow and scale your business.FB group.

βœ”οΈ The Private Social Biz System Community

The community you’ll find within the private SBS FB group is truly unmatched.

Connect with other like-minded students, be the first to hear about SMM job opportunities, and ask questions as you go for a lifetime of support.

βœ”οΈ  Lifetime access to all the material (which means you get all future updates and additions)

Meet Your Mentor


 Hey, I’m Shannon—wife, mama, marketing junkie & social media trainer


As a social media mentor and marketing guru with 17+ years of marketing experience, I help small business owners grow their online presence with simplified social media.

But life hasn’t always looked like this. Like you, I did the whole 9–5 thing for a while. But I quickly realized I wanted more creativity, more time, AND more freedom to be with my family. So with nothing but a dream, I started Boutique Social DC, my first social media management business.

This first SMM business gave me a firsthand look at the difference between a SMM business that has real systems and strategies in place to thrive…and one that’s cobbled together with bandaids and burnout.

Now, 7 years, hundreds of clients, thousands of lessons learned, and LOTS of oatmilk lattes later, my business is thriving, which has allowed me to achieve my dream of staying home with my girls, building our dream house & supporting some amazing business owners.

What does this mean for you?

I struggled through the hard times, making mistakes and living in a constant state of trial and error for the first 2 years so that YOU don’t have to. 
I know how to create a booked out SMM business, and now, I’m handing that playbook over to you—no strings (or blood, sweat, and tears) attached.


“The tools and templates—from Canva templates to invoices to workflow tools—have been so valuable.  And what has been insanely valuable is Shannon’s suggestions on how to simplify, scale, and frame the entrepreneur experience.”

Unleash your potential & grow your SMM business

with just 30-40 minutes a day

Here’s how it worksπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Day 1: Mindset & Discovering Your Dream Clients

Tired of hearing that you need to niche down because *awkward smile* you don’t actually know what your niche should be? Get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief and find out which kind of clients will help you be profitable and efficient.

Day 2: Clear Magnetic Messaging 

If you want to be a magnet for your dream clients, then you need to learn the art of storytelling and create a clear, captivating bio that will hook ‘em in. Plus, you’ll learn how to begin establishing your personal brand so that you stand out to your audience. 

Day 3: Money Making Offerings

Learn the art of creating offerings and packages that help your clients solve their problems and speak directly to them, but that also match up to your experience and what you WANT to do. Also, learn the art of simplicity when it comes to this (i.e. not overwhelming people with all the options).

Day 4: Money Making Offerings Part II

If you want to have your business working even when you don’t, you need to set things up so you can generate revenue without being glued to your phone. Learn all about passive income, resources, and “secret menu” ideas to help you make money in your sleep!

Day 1: Platforms Simplified

Finding your dreamy ideal clients means knowing where they are hanging out. Learn how to decide where to be and the difference between each social media platform. Plus, you’ll learn how to adjust your messaging for your target market.

Day 2: Content planning the right way

Building your personal brand is a key component of your business. Learn how to create content that speaks directly to your audience and builds your brand so that your audience begins to know, like, and trust you.

Day 3: Social on Blast

Part of your role as a SMM is creating content for your clients, but there is such a thing as overthinking that process. Learn how to craft the perfect caption for your clients and how not to waste too much time doing it. Plus, you’ll learn how to submit content to clients.

Day 4: Instagram Story Gold

Using Instagram Stories on the regular has helped me so much in my business, so you’re going to learn my best strategies for how you can use Instagram Stories to gain visibility and establish trust with your audience.

Day 1: Targeting + Engagement 

Your ideal clients are out there, you’ve just got to find them. Learn how to use hashtags to increase your reach and find those ideal clients. Plus, learn how to engage for your clients on social media so that THEY see great results in their business, too.  

Day 2: Bring On The Leads

To grab those clients, you need to put systems in place so you can easily guide your audience where you want them to go. From landing pages to online calendars and call schedulers, learn how to generate leads, weed out non-ideal clients, and turn potential clients into actual clients.

Day 3: Sales/Discovery Calls

Instagram isn’t the end of the road – to seal the deal on a new client, you need to get them on a sales call. Learn how to run your sales/discovery calls in a way that handles price objections before they even come up and leaves your ideal client begging to sign on the dotted line.

DAY 4: Workshop Magic

Getting offline and establishing yourself in your local area is key to taking your SMM business to the next level. Learn how to plan social media workshops so you can meet potential local clients and begin establishing yourself as an expert in your local community (plus, you can use these strategies for planning online workshops, too!).

Day 1: Client Onboarding

To give your clients the best experience possible from the get-go, you can’t let anything fall through the cracks. Learn how to simplify your onboarding process so that you can do everything from setting expectations and establishing boundaries so that your clients feel fully supported and respect you as a business owner. 

Day 2: Management 1 

Spending hours staring at a blank screen isn’t exactly the definition of “working efficiently”. Learn how to plan content more strategically so you don’t spend hours working on client content creation. Plus, learn how to submit content regularly so your clients are always in the know and don’t feel like they need to micromanage you.

Day 3: Management 2 + Retention

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the best way to grow your business (and, it’s free!). Learn how to keep your clients SO happy that they keep coming back for more and tell their friends about you. Plus, you’ll learn how to encourage those referrals, collect testimonials, and create an overall happy client experience. 


Day 4: Audience Building

Staying top of mind with your audience is key – especially in the busy online world. Learn how to begin building your email list and use email marketing to consistently build on and nurture your connection with your audience.

Plus, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses you won’t find anywhere else…

The SMM’s Ultimate Hookup: The Social Biz System Vault

Stay organized and on track to build your dream business with worksheets, homework assignments, and resources carefully crafted for SMMs. 

You’ll also gain instant access to templates galore! 

From my entire onboarding process to captions to email templates, you get it all.

Unlimited access to me inside the private Facebook community

Access to a Private Facebook Group to connect with other students and ask questions like “How do you do this in Canva?” or “When you create a content calendar for a client what do you include?”

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

Monthly Live Q&A calls inside the Facebook Group to help you work through roadblocks so you can watch your SMM biz skyrocket


You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers…


Friend, this is decision time.

Are you tired of going at this social media manager business alone?

Ready to be booked up with clients AND have time to meet a friend for lunch, get a pedicure on a Friday afternoon or go away for the weekend?

Excited at the thought of having your bank account match all your efforts?

Want to stop feeling ambitious—yet stuck—all at the same time?

It’s not your fault if you feel this way… 

I created this course because I’ve been in your shoes. 

When I started my biz there was nothing out there that could help me figure out how to structure my business in a simple and systematic way—that allowed me to love my work AND take great care of my family.

I don’t want this for you. 

The Social Biz System is my baby—I’ve poured my heart and soul into this four-week program. 

And whether you’re starting or scaling your business, you’re going to walk away knowing how to market your business, run it efficiently with uncomplicated systems, and gain clarity on how to get and retain clients.

...and—most important—unshakable CEO confidence. 

I invite you into the Social Media Management business that you’ve dreamed of.